Home Sweet Home on a Cardboard Box Budget

Good morning, y’all! 😊 The weekend is so close I can almost taste it! Do y’all have anything exciting planned? Since we talked a bit yesterday about my itty-bitty apartment and how that competes with my deep, burning desire to own my own home, I thought it might be fun to delve into how I satiate that... Continue Reading →

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

It’s a Monday, y’all. Whew. I know in my post about savings, I iterated that when I get “extra income” I like to have a plan. Last week my company announced a bonus to be paid out to all employees and an hourly raise to replace its previous annual profit sharing plan. This is pretty... Continue Reading →

Bummin’ Through the Money Blues

I wanted to write this post for y’all as much as myself. Recently Prince Charming and I were faced with a situation where we felt like, even with all of the progress we’ve made financially, we were behind or that we hadn’t come as far as we “should” have. Comparison really is the thief of... Continue Reading →

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